If you are a Dry Eye sufferer who has tried other therapies with limited success or are having complications following eye surgery, there is an innovative solution you may not be aware of – scleral contact lenses. Scleral lenses are also a good option for patients who need a high-powered prescription contact lens, who struggle with their vision after eye surgery (including LASIK, PRK, and RK), or for patients who are hard to fit with regular contact lenses.

Medical Optometry America is one of the few eye health centers in the area to offer this exciting option for patients. Scleral lenses are a comfortable, healthy and cost-effective treatment option for patients who have struggled with dry eye or with other eye conditions impacting their vision. 

What is a scleral lens?
The ‘sclera’ is the white part of your eye and as the name implies, scleral contact lenses are large hard contacts that rest on the sclera. Traditional soft contact lenses are smaller and softer and rest on the cornea in the center of the eye.

Because scleral lenses position on the sclera, they vault over the surface of the eye, providing protection and creating a moisture canopy surrounding the cornea – the area of the eye that is most sensitive. The lenses help reduce or eliminate dry eye symptoms by shielding the surface of the eye and keeping it moist. They also protect the eye from external environmental irritation and promote healing for some post-surgical patients.

How can scleral lenses help Dry Eye?
The MOA medical optometrists is at the forefront of new treatment options for patients suffering from Dry Eye and in addition to scleral lenses, offer a new tear-stimulating nasal spray and heat-based treatments that stimulate healthy tear production. Scleral lenses are a great addition to the therapy options that can be customized to treat Dry Eye.

“Scleral lenses are proving to be a game changer for patients who are struggling with Dry Eye symptoms,” said Christopher J. Kuc, OD, FAAO, Medical Director at MOA – Newtown Square. “While we can get most patients with Dry Eye on a path to lasting relief through topical therapies and other in-office treatments such as light-based and thermal therapy, this innovative lens technology offers us another important option in our toolbox not only for Dry Eye sufferers, but for patients with many other conditions as well.”

Who else can benefit from Scleral Lenses?
If you have had difficulties in the past with consistent, clear vision with regular soft contact lenses or glasses, scleral lenses may be a good option for you. For patients with significant amounts of astigmatism, keratoconus (having an irregular or cone-shaped cornea), or post-refractive surgery vision issues, a scleral lens can help alleviate symptoms in many of these cases.

How do I know if Scleral Lenses are a good option for me? What’s the process to get Scleral Lenses?
In order to determine if a scleral lens is right for you, your doctor will evaluate your eye at an initial consultation. During this exam, your eye’s shape will be measured, vision tested, and surface evaluated with advanced imaging while wearing a contact lens selected from a specialized “fitting set”. After establishing your unique fit, an initial set of lenses is ordered that is designed for your eye. When the lenses arrive, you will return for training on proper insertion and removal of the lenses. Once educated on how to safely handle your lenses, you can then take the lenses home and begin to adapt to your new wearing patterns.

If you have questions about scleral lenses or have one of the conditions that may require treatment with one of these specialized lenses, schedule an appointment at one of MOA’s eye health centers today, in Newtown Square, Plymouth Meeting, and Horsham, PA!