WHY Medical Optometry America?

Raising the Bar for Better Eye Health

When you choose Medical Optometry America (MOA), you are choosing experienced eye doctors who are completely committed to your long-term eye health. Just as you count on a primary care doctor for your physical health, you need a primary care doctor for your eye health. MOA Doctors of Optometry are precisely that: highly trained primary care doctors for your visual and ocular health. With Medical Optometry America, you get the best of today’s leading medical science with personalized care from our Primary Eye Care Clinicians.
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Who We Are


MOA Medical Optometrists are forward-thinking clinicians who are expanding access to medical eye care in America and elevating the level of care provided to patients. They are leading practitioners who have received extensive additional training in visual and ocular health. Their experience, supported by the advanced technology available at MOA Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centers, enables them to provide exceptional patient outcomes. All MOA practices work collaboratively within a broader network of healthcare professionals across their local communities.

Our Mission Statement

Medical Optometry America is expanding access to high-quality medical eye care to help preserve the beauty of sight for all.

Why Choose Us


For Patients

Your eyes are the window to your health. Even if you do not need vision correction, everyone needs a primary eye care provider to maintain visual health and detect potential concerns before they cause significant issues. MOA Eye Health Centers provide medical eye care with highly trained doctors utilizing state-of-the-art technology to detect, diagnose, and treat a broad range of eye diseases and conditions. With MOA, you get the best of today’s leading medical science with personalized care from our Primary Eye Care Clinicians.
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For Healthcare Partners

Our team of Medical Optometrists bring years of experience and residency training in the field of Medical eye care to provide the highest level of patient care. They are focused on total ocular health and work collaboratively within the broad network of healthcare professionals in their communities.

Our Commit to our Care Partners:

  • Collaborative Co-Management
  • Timely Communications
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Mutual Referral Relationship
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For Optometrists

MOA works with independent, forward-thinking medical optometrists. Joining us demonstrates your commitment to practicing at the top of your profession. Better yet, we provide the best practices, marketing savvy, practice management tools, and support to help keep you there.

Becoming a part of MOA helps you differentiate yourself and build partnerships with referring healthcare partners and insurance companies.

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