Horsham, PA — Medical Optometry America (MOA), a leading provider of medical eye care and optometric services in Pennsylvania, is excited to announce it is partnering with local surgeons to expand access to the innovative light adjustable lens (LAL) for cataract patients. The addition of this state-of-the-art offering highlights Medical Optometry America’s dedication to integrating advanced technologies into its eye health services, enhancing the quality of life for their patients across Horsham, Plymouth Meeting, and Newtown Square in Pennsylvania.
The light adjustable lens is a breakthrough in cataract surgery care, offering unprecedented customization of vision, more precise outcomes than ever before and often resulting in 20/20 vision. Medical Optometry America’s expert team, led by talented professionals and doctors, including Light Delivery Specialists, manages the entire post-operative adjustment phase, using precision instrumentation to fine-tune the implanted lens so each patient receives an optimal visual outcome.

Ophthalmologists using the light adjustable lens offer their patients unparallelled customization, and Medical Optometry America is partnering with trusted local experts, like Brian Shafer, M.D., of Shafer Vision Institute, to give patients a complete light adjustable lens experience. Dr. Sharer expresses excitement about this new technology stating, “The light adjustable lens technology is an exciting new development in cataract surgery,” said Dr. Shafer. “For the first time ever, patients can get LASIK-like results with a cataract implant.”

A key aspect of Medical Optometry America’s successful Light Adjustable Lens service is its deep collaboration with local cataract surgeons. This strategic partnership ensures a seamless continuum of care, from the pre-operative measurements to the surgical implantation of the lens to the post-operative adjustments and refractive customization. Local ophthalmologists appreciate Medical Optometry America’s skilled team who plays a role in enhancing both the patient’s overall vision and quality of life.

“Partnering with Medical Optometry America has provided a seamless and efficient experience for our patients,” said Dr. Shafer. “This collaboration is an integral part of the exceptional quality of care we provide, ensuring that each patient receives a personalized treatment journey with outstanding visual outcomes.” Medical Optometry America is proud to offer LAL adjustment services at all three of their Eye Health Centers Horsham, Plymouth Meeting, and Newtown Square, PA, and work with top cataract surgeons throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester county areas.

This partnership emphasis Medical Optometry America’s dedication to making cutting-edge cataract surgery technology accessible to a broader community. This strategic partnership with renowned cataract surgeons not only reinforces their commitment to excellence but also reinforces the collaborative spirit within the medical community, ultimately benefiting patients with unparalleled eye care experiences.

For more information about Shafer Vision Institute and Dr. Brian Shafer, visit https://shafervisioninstitute.com/.

For more information about Medical Optometry America and Light Adjustable Lens services , please visit MOAeyes.com/LAL or contact 855.MOA.DOCS (855.662.3627).

About Medical Optometry America

Medical Optometry America, located in Horsham, Plymouth Meeting, and Newtown Square, PA, is a leader in providing high quality, medical, non-surgical eye care. With a team of highly skilled optometrists, Medical Optometry America is at the forefront of introducing innovative technologies in eye care. The practice prides itself as a premier Open Access Center where patients receive top-tier post-operative care and adjustments for Light Adjustable Lenses. Medical Optometry America’s commitment to excellence and patient-centered care makes it a standout in the field of optometry.