Are distant road signs becoming harder to read? What about your novels, even when held up close? Blurry vision is one of the first signs to reach out to an optometrist. Even if you aren’t having problems with your vision, maybe you recognize that it is time to prioritize your eye health, especially if you have a family member with eye diseases and conditions. Whatever your situation, Medical Optometry America (MOA) can help.

MOA Annual Eye Physical vs. Standard Eye Exam

At MOA, we provide an Annual Eye Physical, which focuses on your ocular and visual health, examining the whole eye and scanning for potential health issues. We recommend scheduling an eye physical annually because eye diseases can cause significant damage before you notice any symptoms. A medical eye exam can also potentially reveal other major medical issues like cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and even dementia. The eyes are truly the window to your overall health.

This approach is far more thorough, advanced and medically focused than a standard refractive eye exam. That’s why we call it an “Eye Physical” – just as you get an annual physical for your overall physical health, you also need an annual physical for your eyes. At the end of an eye physical, MOA provides an AEP Report Card containing a summary of your total eye health and health risk assessment.

What to Expect in an MOA Annual Eye Physical (AEP)

Our AEP is medically focused on helping detect, diagnose and treat potential issues before they become serious. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect at our AEP.

Medical and Ocular History Review

To begin, we inquire about your medical history. A questionnaire will ask about conditions even if they don’t seem directly related to eye disease. However, knowing these familial conditions, your personal history and the medications you’re taking, can help doctors be aware of the potential risks of various illnesses.

Vision Evaluation and Glasses Prescription

We will conduct a visual acuity test to measure if you need glasses or contacts. From here, we can provide you with an official prescription for glasses, if needed.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Imaging

MOA has a series of advanced diagnostic testing and imaging solutions to establish a critical baseline of your current health and treat any problems at their earliest stages. Specifically, our services include optical coherence tomography (OCT) and retinal imaging, in addition to other advanced testing.

Eye Disease Risk Assessment

Our cutting-edge technology works to assess your risk of developing an eye disease, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and more. This testing is especially helpful when you provide us with thorough personal and family health histories, so we know what to look for.

Annual Eye Physical Report Card

Upon finishing your first appointment, you will receive an AEP report card that summarizes your results. Every time you visit us for an AEP, your results will update and track any changes over time.

Book Your Annual Eye Physical at Medical Optometry America

At MOA, we provide you with a complete eye physical so that you have a complete overview of your eye health, not simply a vision check. At our Shrewsbury, Newtown Square, and Horsham offices, trust our doctors to prioritize your total eye health. Schedule an eye physical at an MOA location near you today!