A new eye drop is set to transform the lives of adults living with presbyopia or challenges with near vision in middle age. For centuries, ‘reading glasses’ or bifocals have been the only option for people with presbyopia. That is all about to change with the recent FDA approval of a new eye drop called VUITY. Medical Optometry America presented new research findings and best practices for use of this revolutionary new therapy at the American Academy of Optometry in Boston in November 2021.

VUITY is actually a variation of an existing drop that has previously been utilized to treat glaucoma. The once-daily drop is designed to alter the size of the pupil to improve near vision.

The new presbyopia drop is expected to launch in early 2022, but it will not be available over the counter and will require a prescription. MOA will be one of the first practices in the country to offer the drop to patients. Demand for VUITY is expected to be high and anyone looking to explore this exciting treatment option for age-related farsightedness should schedule an evaluation with one of our medical optometrists

“VUITY is one of the most highly-anticipated developments in the eye care community in recent memory,” said Dr. O’Dell. “When people reach an age when they are dealing with presbyopia, many find reading glasses to be cumbersome and not attractive to wear. There is a lot of buzz in the industry about VUITY and patients I have spoken to about it are thrilled at the prospect of using an eye drop in the morning and then going about their day without readers.”

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