Medical Optometry America is among the first eye care centers in the country to offer Tyrvaya, a new FDA-approved nasal spray designed to stimulate natural tear production and offer relief for Dry Eye sufferers. 

If you suffer from Dry Eye, you know that drops are often part of the equation to managing the disease, but they can be a major hassle.

“Tryvaya is being touted as a ‘drop free’ alternative for people living with Dry Eye,” said Dr. O’Dell. “Many of my patients experience challenges with administering eye drops. This new mode of stimulating tear glands with a nasal spray, will offer more consistent dosage and the promise of better results for patients seeking new treatment modalities for Dry Eye.”

Dr. Leslie O’Dell, FAAO is an international thought leader in the Dry Eye space and is excited to have Tyrvaya as a new tool in her toolbox to help the hundreds of Dry Eye patients she sees each year. She recently presented new research on the effectiveness of Tyrvaya at the American Academy of Optometry meeting in November in Boston and will do so again at the American Optometric Association meeting coming up in June in Chicago. MOA’s Medical Optometrists continue to lead and present peer-reviewed research involving new testing and treatment options for Dry Eye. 

Dr. O’Dell was also a featured guest on the Dry Eye podcast, To the Point, discussing Tyrvaya. You can listen to it that broadcast by clicking on this link.

Our team works hard to stay ahead of industry trends and knows about new treatment options across the full spectrum of eye disease so they can bring them to our patients as rapidly as possible.

People living with Dry Eye Disease all have their own unique journey and their own set of symptoms and root causes of this often-debilitating disease. Our team at Medical Optometry America leverages our advanced suite of testing equipment and leading-edge treatment protocols to develop an individualized path to patient education and treatment for Dry Eye sufferers.

If you are experiencing challenges with Dry Eye Disease or if you want to schedule an appointment for a Dry Eye Evaluation at either of our office locations, click here.