Boston, MA (March 10, 2020)

The New England College of Optometry (NECO) and Medical Optometry of America (MOA), the first national optometric brand in the country focused on medical eye care, announced today that they have entered into a unique collaboration with the goal of providing new graduates and residents exposure to medical optometry through an innovative practice model.

“As the optometry field changes and new practice models emerge, we strongly believe that as an educational institution we need to provide students with a diversity of experiences in clinical environments that best prepares them for tomorrow’s optometry,” states Howard Purcell, OD, NECO President and CEO. “Working with Medical Optometry America, not only do we offer more options for graduates, NECO will also have early insight into emerging practice models.”  

“Our profession is undergoing tremendous transformation with significant financial pressures from a growing number of non-traditional competitors.  At the same time, the aging population is accelerating demand for medical eye care and yet most patients and their primary physicians don’t know they can access this level of care from Optometric Clinicians.  These dynamics represent an opportunity and I believe the collaboration between NECO and Medical Optometry America offers tremendous upside potential for NECO graduates and the Optometric Profession as a whole,” states Jim Thimons, OD and Medical Optometry America’s Chief Medical Officer.  

For NECO, the affiliation creates opportunities for post-graduate training and practice in medical optometry at Medical Optometry America’s sites. Together, the organizations will also explore the potential of developing a digital education platform to expand high quality continuing education programs for optometrists throughout the country. 

Optometrists entering the field today can opt to work in a variety of different practice models that were rarely seen just a decade ago. Today, optometrists can practice in a multitude of settings, from private practice to national retail companies to startups.  The change is not without notice. Representatives from every sector of the eye care industry gathered in November at the New England College of Optometry to share expertise and discuss the evolving nature of eye care and the implications for how optometric education and the optometric profession can benefit from working together in unique partnerships.  

About Medical Optometry America
Medical Optometry America (MOA) is a marketing and management company created to catalyze change in the optometric profession by providing a turnkey system for forward-thinking optometrists to shift more completely to a sustainable medical model.  The first national optometric brand in the country focused on medical eye care, Medical Optometry America provides independent optometrists the opportunity to participate in a brand and practice management system that stands for exceptional medical eye care and inspires consumer confidence and demand for those services.  Practices joining the Medical Optometry America System will be positioned for future growth, with the marketing muscle to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.  Visit to learn more.

About New England College of Optometry 

New England College of Optometry is an independent graduate college of optometry that educates students for careers in eye care delivery, research and education. Founded in 1894, NECO is the oldest continuously operating school of optometry in the country and was the first to develop a network of clinical affiliations for clinical training. We challenge students to think creatively about vision and sight and to contribute to the future of the field. In doing so, we provide quality optometric care to more than 150,000 individuals annually and serve the community through a network of health care organizations and access to vision screenings.

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