“Life changing”
“Truly amazing”
“I literally can’t believe my eyes!”

These are just some of the reactions from MOA patients to a new eye drop, called VUITY, that is designed to eliminate the need for reading glasses for people with age-related farsightedness. The drop received final FDA approval in October 2021.

MOA is one of the first practices in the country to make VUITY available for patients and the response so far has been outstanding.

VUITY is not available over the counter and requires a prescription following an eye exam by an optometrist. Early demand for VUITY is very strong and anyone considering this first-of-its-kind treatment for presbyopia should schedule an appointment with one of our medical optometrists

One of MOA’s medical optometrists recently shared some of the research she conducted behind and recommendations for usage of VUITY at the American Academy of Optometry in Boston earlier this year.

VUITY is a once daily drop that alters the size of the patient’s pupil to enhance near vision. The new treatment is a variation of a drop that had previously been used for patients with glaucoma.

“Many people simply don’t like the look of reading glasses and beyond that, readers can be cumbersome and a hassle when using a smartphone, reading restaurant menus or reading ingredient or medication labels,” she said. “There is a lot of buzz in the industry about VUITY and patients I initially prescribed it to are thrilled with the results.”

To get more details or set up your appointment to be evaluated for use of VUITY, click here.