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Medical Optometry America is here to ensure you start the year right. Our eye care professionals will help you create the best plan for tackling eye health in the new year!

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Understanding your benefits can seem insurmountable. That’s why our team has trained to be your:

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— in other words, the people who can help you understand your benefits and make the absolute most of them!

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Understanding your toolkit:

Have the Healthiest Year Yet!

Embark on a transformative “New Year, New You” journey with Medical Optometry America, your partner in optimizing eye health right from the beginning of the year. Our exclusive focus on medical optometry means we’re here to guide you in understanding and leveraging your benefits for a vision-focused and healthy start to the year.

Discover the full scope of your benefits through a personalized appointment with our expert team. Ready to prioritize your eyes? [Book an appointment] and let’s make this year your healthiest one yet.

But to get you started, here’s a refresher on common benefits and how you can use them:

Great Benefits…

Health Insurance

Offers coverage for medical eye care, like medications or eye disease management. It can be hard to parse, but often covers more than meets the eye!

Great Benefits…

Annual Eye Physical

Experience Comprehensive Eye Wellness with Our Annual Eye Physicals. Uncover Exclusive Savings for Your Yearly Checkup and Embrace the Benefits of Expert Medical Care!



Myopia Management

Elevate Your Child’s Vision! Our dedicated team specializes in proactive care, utilizing advanced technology. From accurate diagnostics to personalized plans, trust us to guide your child through every step of their myopia journey. Let’s ensure clear sight and a brighter future together.


Glaucoma Treatment

Expert Glaucoma Treatment at MOA. Our dedicated team specializes in comprehensive care and management, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Trust us to guide you through accurate diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. Safeguard your sight with us.



Dry Eye Treatment

Revitalize Your Comfort! From thorough diagnostics to personalized care and tailored treatment plans, trust us to guide you through every step of your dry eye journey. Rediscover comfort and rejuvenate your eyes with our comprehensive approach.



Cataract Management

Expert Cataract Management at MOA. Our specialized team provides advanced diagnostics and tailored treatment plans. Trust us for comprehensive care, guiding you through every stage of cataract management. Regain clear sight and experience a brighter future for your eyes.



Not Sure Where to Start?

Whether you have something in mind, or you just want to know what you can save on, just [Book Your Appointment Today]— we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

You Should Start the Year Off Right:

Let us help you get the most out of this year!

Embrace the “New Year, New You” spirit with Medical Optometry America, where we specialize in medical optometry.

Strategically align your eye health goals with your benefits early on for optimal utilization. Explore benefit details through a personalized appointment. Ready to prioritize your eyes? [Book an appointment] for a healthier and clearer vision this year.

Choose MOA! Your Vision, Our Expertise.

Experience the pinnacle of eye care with Medical Optometry America, where cutting-edge technology meets extensive medical expertise. Our commitment to your vision is unmatched, with specialized services ranging from eye disease care and glaucoma management to cataract assessments, dry eye solutions, annual eye physicals, and expertise in scleral lenses.

Choose us for precision, personalized attention, and advanced diagnostics that prioritize your eye health journey. At Medical Optometry America, your eyes receive not just care but specialized expertise for a clearer, healthier vision. Book your appointment today and discover the difference our state-of-the-art tech and comprehensive specializations can make in your eye care experience.

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